Too complex regexp in replace rule


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I made a custom filter to replace the whole JSON response with an empty one ([]), therefore I use this kind of filter:
I already tested it on Windows and it works, but when I apply it to Android application, I got this warning:
11:27:45.759 [Thread-314] WARN Native.urlfilter - urlfilter_applyreplace(): Too complex regexp in replace rule '||$replace=/(\[(.|\s)*?)(.|\s)*\]/\[\]/' -- recursion limit reached
Note that $empty doesn't work, since this app expects an empty json. Is there anyway to first empty the response and then add empty JSON?

I'm totally new to Adguard, so can anyone tell me is there any workaround for this issue? Thanks a lot in advance.


P/s: Nevermind, /.*/\[\]/ works fine. I'm dumb as f*.
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Hi again,

I've got another problem. I'll explain more about the situation.
- The response is actually an array of JSON object.
- Some JSON object has a key named "call", some don't.
- Above filter selects everything.
- I want to select only JSON objects that contain key "call".
Is it possible?