"Too Many Filters" - Which Subscriptions to Remove?


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I am using the Adguard AdBlocker exension on Firefox/Android (both phone and tablet). I have manually selected these filters:
  • English filter
  • Spyware filter
  • Social media filter
  • Annoyances filter
  • Mobile Ads filter
  • EasyList
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Fanboy's Annoyances
  • Adblock Warning Removal List
However, I see the warning message:

"You have selected too many filter subscriptions. It may slow down your web browsing significantly."

Could you please advise which filter subscriptions I should remove to speed up web browsing (if any), but without compromising too much on blocking? Not sure if the number of filters is actually slowing down my browsing.

Also, when using Adgard AdBlocker Firefox extension for desktop I am using the same list as above but without "Mobile Ads filter". I don't get the warning on desktop, probably because there is one less subscription.


Boo Berry

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You don't need EasyList as the English filter already contains it. May not need Fanboy's Annoyances either as a lot of that stuff is handled by the Annoyances filter.

Definitely don't need the Mobile Ads filter on a desktop. :p


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  • EasyList = because you already have Adguard English filter
  • EasyPrivacy = because you already have Spyware filter
  • Fanboy's Annoyances = because you already have Annoyances filter
  • Adblock Warning Removal List = because you already have Annoyances filter
Also if you disable those filters and you still are seeing any ads or adblock warnings. Please report them in the forum and they will be taken care of the great filter developers.