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Hello all!

As you know, Adguard 5.9 will support userscripts.
We'd like to do some testing with the popular userscripts (like Youtube Control Center).

Could you please give us a list of the best userscripts you know?

I have searched but it's really difficult to find something working there.
Most of scripts are not supported for years.

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YouTube Center, obviously, but you already have that one covered. However, there's the released version of the script, and the newer, potentially unstable development version of the script.

Dev version:

Ads Skipper, which can become VERY useful in blocking ad redirects...

Then there's scripts for blocking ads in mail services...

Yahoo Mail Wide Messages List:

NOTE: Usually whines about needing the Stylish extension, however when using Chrome it'll say "TamperMonkey users can also install this style as user script" with a link to the user script without the need for Stylish.

And for the pervs out there, I didn't forget you; DirtyDDL...

To check the top rated scripts, use these links and check the pages (and the last updated dates for the scripts)...

I suspect the most popular scripts will be for Facebook and Google and YouTube.

Boo Berry

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I don't believe there's any working Flashblock userscripts (there was but they don't work anymore it seems) - I'll keep looking around for one. There are, however, working Flashblock extensions for both Chrome and Firefox.

Of course, the most popular extensions besides Adblock, Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey and Flashblock is NoScript for Firefox, SafeScript for Chrome and Ghostery for both.
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Thank you!

What about flashblock userscripts?
My answer is yes, I had a Flash Block script that work reliable and made by a user from your country :)
Here it is:
Or here is an older version of it:
Modified version but seem lack of built-in excude feature:

For anyone who dont want to "Next page" (probably lazy user), here is a PageZipper that I modified a little bit:

Manga Reader but dont want to click and click next page:
Manga Loader probably the best, above Online Manga Viewer (just laggy and freeze your browser)

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