Trying to use AdGuard for Mac + Safari AdGuard Adblocker extension in Integration Mode? Read this!

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
This is just a quick heads up for users that wish to use the AdGuard Adblocker browser extension in Safari as a replacement for the AdGuard Assistant in Integration Mode, that due to technical limitations (e.g. Safari extension API limitations) this is not possible with Safari and AdGuard for Mac. It's unknown whether or not this will be possible in the future with future Apple updates to Safari. As such, it's recommended that if you're using AdGuard for Mac not to use the AdGuard Adblocker Safari browser extension along with it due to this limitation.

Integration Mode works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera 15+, Vivaldi and perhaps other Chrome and Firefox based browsers! Integration Mode also doesn't currently work with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 with AdGuard for Windows due to similar reasons.