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Hi there!
I really hope you can help me out, maybe I'm totally stupid, but Adguard for Windows "breaks" any livestream with ads on

Here are more details: Some of the people I started to watch regularly, are used to hammer on the "play ads" button every 10-20 minutes, since Twitch has cut their profits, and in the same process asked them to run more ads as "a great compensation."

So I thought I install the Windows version of AdGuard, however what happens is the following:
As soon as the ads would start to play, the streams starts "buffering" with the moving circle in the middle - for infinity (yes, I waited over 10 minutes for it to come back).
When I reload the page, I don't see the video but a purple screen, telling me that a commercial break is in progress.

So I did some research and found some old posts with some relation to the AdGuard Extra plugin/script. And yes, it's active (by default). When I deactivate it, all ads on come through and obviously the streams are working "normal".

Is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong? Or is AdGuard simply no longer able to work it's magic on


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Hi. Reinstall that extra plugin\script by clicking on gear at AdGuard Extensions module. Will it work?

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There's a couple open Github issues for Twitch ads.

The first link is probably the most relevant to this, and it looks like it's something that needs to be fixed with the AdGuard Extra extension (userscript). I would suggest keep manually checking for filter updates until a AdGuard Extra update is pushed, then retest this.


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I frequent twitch quite often, and I cannot replicate this issue on neither Desktop nor Smartphone, so it could be a regional thing of Twitch trying new ads methods.