Unable to Configure DHCP on VPS Running Debian 9


New Member
Hi there,

Thank you so much for this amazing application!

I recently installed AdGuard Home on a VPS running Debian 9. The installation was successful and it's working the way it's expected.

However, I'm unable to configure the Built-in DHCP via the AdGuard Home administrator dashboard, as I would like to have more control on the clients. When I check for DHCP servers I get the following message.
Error Message:
An active DHCP server is found on the network. It is not safe to enable the built-in DHCP server.
I tried disabling my router's DHCP foolishly only to realize it's running outside my home network. So it's not going to help anyway.

Could you share some information on how I can configure AdGuard Home DHCP installed on VPS running Debian 9?

Awaiting your response.