Unable to edit some user filters, crash on GUI exit


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First of all the question: Few times I've noticed if I have two similar rules and edit one of them then the second one is getting disabled. I guess it's ok and something known, right?

I've noticed sometimes I'm unable to edit some existing custom filters. I was playing with filters for sadistic.pl for thread http://forum.adguard.com/showthread.php?2917-Missed-social-widgets-sadistic-pl&p=35490&viewfull=1#post35490 and used Adguard assistant to block "Zaloguj przez Facebooka Jak to działa?" table. Then I've tried to combine the rule with previous one (to place it in one line). Then I've noticed I can't edit the rule
[COLOR=#333333]sdstc.pl,sadistic.pl###sites, #adtoplayerrel, #portal_links > DIV:nth-child(2) > A:last-child, .tagi, .copyright[/COLOR]
no matter what I add there. I was able to write in the rule field but when I pressed enter or clicked on one of the other rules then the rule was reverting back to previous state. I saw this issue few times already. Adguard was working right expect this issue. Then I decided to close GUI - 'Close Adguard but continue filtering' but then I got the message Adguard window has stopped responding. I created full and minidump before killing Adguard process.

Info from evenlog:
.NET Runtime error right before Adguard event: http://pastebin.com/8LiDiaQP
Adguard Application error: http://pastebin.com/GU0pnU0m
Minidump and EventLog info: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zezkeqgthvgql57/buuuuuuu190's+Adguard+freeze+dumps.7z#39;s_Adguard_freeze_dumps.7z

If you need full dump, just let me know :)

Is it some Adguard bug, 3rd party software conflict, corrupted installation or something else?


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Great, thank you for the logs!

Looks like our own bug, For some reason UI and service "desynchronized".