Unable to update from 6.2 to 6.3

Mike Todd

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Cannot update to v6.3 on this laptop. The update circle just keeps going round and round (from a 10 minute up to an hour wait). Able to update on 2nd laptop and desktop. Have tried various suggestions from documentation and others on this forum but cannot figure out what is blocking. Was able to download the Windows Nightly addon but this also has not helped. Suggestions? Here are the specs on this system: Intel i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz 16 GB 64 bit - Windows 10 Pro v1809.


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@Mike Todd


Any antiviruses installed?

Can you try to install release version 6.3 and then try to update it to the Nightly version by switching update channel in AdGuard - Settings - General Settings - Update Channel- Nightly

Mike Todd

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Thank you for the response.
The update file, release v6.3, will not install. The message is the program is already installed. Going to uninstall the program with Revo Uninstaller and use the file you sent to reinstall.
As for AV program, yes, Norton which is kept updated. Also run Malwarebytes actively. On a weekly basis three other anti-malware programs are run on a rotational basis (they remain inactive until their place in the cycle).