Unable to upload files for OneDrive via browser.

Eduardo Barth

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I don't know if it's a known problem or not, but when onedrive.live.com gets loaded with AdGuard certificate, I can't upload any files. It displays something like "You don't have permission to upload files". Firstly I thought it could be a problem with Chrome, then I went to Edge. Same error. After a long time tweaking settings I realized the problem was with the certificate. Disabling AdGuard Protection makes the browser load onedrive own certificates and all the upload problems are gone. My question is if it's possible to, somehow, whitelist onedrive.live.com website so it doesn't load AdGuard certificates? Thank you.

Eduardo Barth

New Member
@Eduardo Barth


If you add this rule into the user filter?

Worked flawlessly. I'll have to study how to make filters, this one is the simplest filter that could be done and I'm unable to code it. Shame on me.
Thank you for your support! Anyway, the devs could take a look at this Onedrive incompatibility. I'm an Office 365 user, so disabling protection doesn't change nothing to me, but I guess they display sponsors for free users.