Unable to use AdGuard DNS on my MacBook Air.

Dhanda Vivek

New Member
I have tried everything I can:
1. Added DNS Servers to System Settings. (attached screenshot)


2. Added DNS Servers to the router. (Attached screenshot)


also tried putting DNS servers in DHPC settings of router, that too didn't work.

3. Tried AdGuard Home.

4. Same problem exists in my iPhone, but DNS works with VPN mode enabled (I have selected AdGuard DNSCrypt, but it shows Default on the website page).

I have also attached screenshot of showing my current DNS even after the above settings.

1. On AdGuard website

DNS Check.png

2. Through Terminal based commands:
Terminal Check.png

3. Online on DNS checker website
Online Check.png

Please help.



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Hi buddy, try unblocking the firewall and run a ping test and see if it is stable.

Joshua Genin