Userscripts not working in AdGuard

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In this topic I'd like to keep track of userscripts found to not be working through Adguard, while working fine in Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey. This list shall be used for the developers to track broken scripts.

- NoPicAds
Linkbucks links don't seem to auto-bypass - all browsers
Seems to break IPB image properties when trying to add a picture URL - IE11

- AdsFight!
Linkbucks links don't seem to auto-bypass - all browsers

- DirtyDDL
There's apparently (haven't verified, was told this) no download button that should appear on the bottom right - all browsers

- Twitch Chat Filter
Script doesn't work at all - all browsers

- Googlifix
Script doesn't function as intended - tested in Firefox

If any members find anymore broken userscripts, please post about them here and I'll try verifying the issue(s) and adding them to the list above!

Thanks! :)
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AdsFight Works For Me

[URL="" said:
Linkbucks links don't seem to auto-bypass - all browsers
AdsFight works for me. I tested it on Forbes, usually it redirects to a blank page, used to be an ad, and AdsFight makes it go to the article.

Whoops... Sorry, didn't read well enough.

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Odd, it doesn't work for me at all.

EDIT: Works in Firefox though, not Chrome. Going to dig deeper.

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Okay, now it works. Caching issue - anyone who installs it should clear the browser's cache before trying to access the script's settings.
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// == UserScript ==
// @name SaveFrom.net帮助器
// @namespace
// @版本9.12.2
// @日期2020-09-15
// @author Itproductdev Ltd
// @description Youtube Downloader:全部集成在一个脚本中,免费获取Vimeo,Facebook和Dailymotion视频
// @homepage
// @icon
// @ icon64
// @updateURL
// @downloadURL



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Is there some way to determine whether the extensions are not working, or to view specific errors in userscripts/"extensions"?

The reason I ask, every userscript that I use ( Local YouTube Downloader; Image Max URL; Stop Overzealous Embedding ) -- they all work fine in TaperMonkey; however, none of them appear to do anything when installed in AdGuard Windows.

This is with Chrome v89 and AdGuard Windows (Standalone) v7.6.1