Using AdGuard extension and AdGuard for Windows at the same time?

Question to the experts. I've been using AdGuard for Windows for over a year now, and have no issues. Before that I was using the browser extensions, and had no issues with that either, but since using AdGuard for Windows I've disabled the extensions since AdGuard for Windows does everything the extension did, but at a system level.

Now my question is this. Can I run both at the same time? The reason I ask is I use Firefox on two computers now, and both use the same Firefox profile, so when they sync they both get the same extensions installed/enabled, but one computer doesn't have AdGuard for Windows, so I have to use the extension, but now Firefox on the computer with AdGuard for Windows also enabled the extension, so it's using both at the same time.

I haven't noticed any issues, but wanted to ask what the potential issues could be, if any. Is it OK to use both at the same time, or on the computer with AdGuard for Windows, should I leave it enabled, but turn off all the filters, so it basically does nothing? I think the settings don't sync between the two computers, but only the installing/enabling of the extension syncs.

My thinking is I can leave the extension enabled with settings on, and it will just be redundant, and the extension just won't do anything since AdGuard for Windows blocks everything first.

Thanks in advance
I'm silly. I was able to sync, and then just uncheck the add-ons option to stop syncing under settings. That way I can get all my add-ons installed on both, and only keep which ones I want enabled on each computer without syncing with each other.