Using multiple DNS provider at once?

I need some technical assistance please.

Are there any conflicts/issues that can happen if I have DNS over HTTPS enabled in AdGuard for Windows, and in the browser settings in Firefox/Chrome at the same time? I just recently decided to try DoH through AdGuard, but I don't know if I need/should disable it in the browsers. I have them all set to the same provider, so I'm thinking it's just the same to leave them all enabled. Double protection right? Like one would be a fallback in case the other isn't working at the moment? Am I wrong?

Also what would happen if two different providers were used? I'm sure one overrides the other, and I'm thinking AdGuard would have the last say since it's at the computer level, and not a browser option. So whatever AdGuard is using is what all traffic will be routed though. Right?
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