Using NordVPN in Proxy Mode

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    May 3, 2017
    I was checking the instructions for using AG with NordVPN seen here:

    I was not sure what to use for 'Proxy Host' as it is mentioned as:

    I wanted to be sure that you mean to only use 'Obfuscated' server or to use any other than that? The reason I ask is because @TheHasagi mentions in this post that the servers must not be obfuscated.

    By the way, I tried using a obfuscated server and it has worked but the speed has reduced drastically. I even tried the non-obfuscated server and it works but the speed is still slow. Note that I am using a premium NordVPN account.

    I am on a non-rooted Android phone and using 'Local VPN' as the 'Filtering Method' and my base bandwidth for checking is a 4G fast mobile data connection (tried on WiFi too but it too is slow). Any suggestions on improving the speed apart from reducing the filter subscriptions?