Version 2.0.6


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Hello. I also have a big problem with version 2.0.4 and the new version 2.0.6 which does not want to install over 2.0.4. At each reboot, the old version comes back despite a complete and thorough uninstallation. At each restart asks me permission to settle! The support has not been able to help me so far.


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Hello there!
I created a task on GitHub so that developers can check the cause of the problem. You can follow and complete the task at the specified link.


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Here is a solution that allowed me to install the new version 2.12. ;)
1) you have to cleanly uninstall ADGUARD, I used a deep search and delete the entries for which I did not have any warnings of the MAC
2) Restart
3) Install the ADGUARD program at startup as indicated by Apple