very bad idea: being negligent /w versioning


on test system a) I installed (using web-beta-installer) a few days ago 5.10.1180.6137, size of AdGuard.exe 1,89 MB (1.986.792 bytes), created 10. Dezember 2014, 23:51:32
on test system b) I installed (using web-beta-installer) today 5.10.1180.6137, size of AdGuard.exe 1.89 MB (1'987'304 bytes), created 11. Dezember 2014, 20:46:06

IMHO it is a very bad idea to release different builds using the same version (build) number (even in case not a single byte in source had changed). BTW: Does your RAD software not support autoincrement of build number?


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I believe they do it for certain test builds so it show up on the server as a beta update.


it's still plain wrong. I didn't say it was stupid to release several builds a day but that it was a very bad idea to not increment the build number (that's the actual idea/use of build numbers).
When user a) reports .6137 would not support TLS1.2 and user b) (or avatar tring to reproduce in his lab using another build of ".6137") sees sth different it's (way) hard(er) to find and fix issues.
See here for instance.
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I didn't know we have two different builds.

Now I've checked it and see that really there was a quickfix a day after release.
Nothing serious though, not even a bugfix.

We'll release next beta today, hope it is the last beta until we finally release this patch.