VPN iPadOS whitelist


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I make extensive use of AdGuard products on all my devices (Android, ChromeOS, FireTV, Windows, iPadOS). In practice, I use an entire Family lifetime plan for my sole needs.
Removed a small probkem on ChromeOS, which can also be easily circumvented, I can say that I am fully satisfied with the products except for the iPad versions, which compared to the others almost look like toys.
One of the biggest issues is the VPN module, where it seems not possible to establish a whitelist for sites when used in conjunction with the main application, which creates a lot of problems.
Has anyone found a way to do it?

Thank you, Federico


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Dear friends,
I finally read on the blog an article dedicated to VPN for iPad and iPhone; in this article it states that technical problems make it impossible to implement the whitelist for applications and URLs.
Now, if on the one hand it is understandable that there really can be a technical impediment related to the difficulty of establishing the identity of the process that originated the traffic, and therefore your claim regarding the whitelist for applications can be justified, on the other hand it is really hard to believe that the process in charge of managing the VPN is not able to discriminate against the destination address of the traffic and therefore determine whether or not to direct it to the VPN.
As a result, there should be no real impediments to managing the whitelist for URLs.

Regards, Federico