VPN questions


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This is a mix of information request and (if you do not offer the service) feature requests. But it is about your VPN (the other one was about the main AdGuard service) - there might however, be a couple of overlapping things in there (I mentioned something about WPA2 vulnerability, which I suspect is probably less of an issue if you can isolate the LAN, below, but maybe not?).

1) I know that NordVPN have a function on their VPN to 'isolate' my LAN from your connection to the Internet - is this something your VPN does?

2) And can you get a static/dedicated VPN using it? (see also my rationale below on anti-NordVPN)

3) And/or Tor/Onion connections (I'm assuming the obfuscated, double vpn, P2P, etc. ones are just standard stuff now, but if you do not offer those, would be good to know)?

4) Mullvad VPN has got amazing reviews for having 'non-contract' VPN which you can pay for using Bitcoin (or anything else), on a monthly basis, without asking for any particular details of who you are, for complete anonymity. I don't actually need it (well, I don't think I do), but I wondered maybe if this was a possible service you could offer?

5) Is your VPN technology storing the various bits of data needed to connect up the users and the sites they are accessing on solid state drives or in volatile memory, so RAM, like ExpressVPN has been praised for, for the protection of privacy

6) Can I use 'AdGuard' custom DNS settings in the NordVPN slot for custom DNS, in their VPN? Or does this create issues?

I am trying to get away from NordVPN, but you probably know they create contracts that charge very little if you get them on a ten thousand year basis, so I'm 2 1/2 years through a three year thing. The fact they charge £7/m on top of their normal fees (and all charged up front, but it's too expensive anyway when some providers are offering this for free. I will be leaving and deciding who to go with next, and likely it's going to be AdGuard. I was thinking their NordVault and NordPass services were going to make me stay to have the whole integrated set with one provider, but now I know that Firefox are likely going to be doing these things properly (including VPN) I suspect I will not. But that does not mean I am definitely going with Firefox yet.