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Sins several days, Firefox and also Edge (chrome version) is very slow when open webpages. In the left corner i see, waiting local.adguard.org. If i close adguard, everything is working fine. I had Eset Internet security installed. I already uninstalled it and now I'm running windows defender. No difference.

I already fresh installt Adguard, but no luck. Can't find the program. Anyone now a solution, because it's very annoying.

The filters that are now installt are: Adguard base filter, Adguard Tracking protection filter, Adguard social media filter, Adguard Annoyances filter, Adguard dutch filter.

Stealth mode if off.
DNS Protection is off. I also tried to turn it on.

I'm also running Adguard home on my NAS. Adguard windows and Adguard home, workt all the time whitout trouble. I also deactivate Adguard home, but no difference.

I also tried the lateste nighty build.

Boo Berry

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Try going into AG for Windows' advanced settings section and checking (or unchecking if it was already checked) the Use redirect driver mode option and reboot and see if that makes any difference.


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@Boo Berry This helped solve my problem (extremely slow web browsing and hanging on local.adgaurd.net). I saw some other posts noting that this is an alternative to WFP but i don't see any documentation on this driver. Can you expand on a couple of things?
  1. Are there any other settings that i need to enable/disable after enabling redirect driver? (e.g. do i need to disable WFP?)
  2. How does redirect driver work differently from WFP? e.g. Does it automatically proxy all traffic whereas WFP appears to give the user more control over what apps are redirected.
Thanks in advance :)