Want to know adguard vpn feature


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I want to know your VPN with subscription features include of the following:
  • Maximum download speed and maximum upload speed
  • Netflix compatibility
  • P2P support
  • Encryption : AES-256 bit or not
  • DNS leak protection when use Adguard dns in regular mode or when use integrated mode with Adguard for ios pro
  • Perfect forward secrecy or not (in the near future)


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Lately I'm encountering really bad speeds, nearly 50-60% cut in DL speeds, so watching Youtube in 1440p is cumbersome...
Captchas everywhere, because of unusual traffic...
Wrongly redirected routes, so even watching Youtube it just redirects to the Ukrainian/French variants in my case.

Netflix is out of luck in the current state, I do have to simply disconnect fully, no exclusions work there, otherwise I won't be able to watch anything.

Simply put I'm kind of disappointed. Bought it like a month or two ago and I have hard time surfing simply the web. So in my case wait a bit or look elsewhere if You want it to work fully as intended right away.