Wanting Adblock with working rewards program in StepSetGo App


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StepSetGo (SSG) Step Earn Redeem App :Play Store Link
Previously Adguard Adblock was working fine with HTTPS filter feature for blocking ads , to earn coins by watching ads in StepSetGo Rewards Program. But now After a new StepSetGo App Update, Adguard blocks ads in StepSetGo app but not rewarding coins for watching ads ( actually skipping / blocking ads ) . Please fix it so that I can earn coins by skipping ads via Adguard app . It is now showing error when I use Adguard with step set go app. It will be helpful. No Adblock is so strong as Adguard to block ads in mobile apps like SSG app. How to fix it?


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Hello, @gmailnator!
It seems that when updating the application, the developers changed the algorithm of advertising implementation.
In this case, will be great if you send the report to our filters developers.

  • Open AdGuard settings;
  • Support;
  • Send Feedback.
  • Missed ad or tracker/Incorrect blocking:
They will review your request and help you deal with the issue.