Warning about Disabling Windows Telemetry vs Insider Preview


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Hi, I spent the last 3 days reinstalling Windows 10 about 4 times because everytime I wanted to sign up for Insider Preview, I would be unable to set the diagnostics setting to full/optional with the red text on top of the window - Some settings are managed by your organization. I tried all possible solutions provided in various forums before finally resetting Windows.

For a while I could sign up for Insider Preview and then it would suddenly be turned off. After the third reinstall, I thought it might be the apps and so I cautiously installed them. Until, I installed Adguard for Windows. That's when I realized that I was kicked off the Insider Preview after installing AG. Upon checking the settings I saw why - Disable Windows Telemetry is enabled by default.

I wish I had a warning while setting up the app that I might not be able to join Insider Preview because of this setting and given the option to turn it off. It would have saved me hours of trouble.

Please include any/all of the following:
1. A warning while setting up the app.
2. Disable the option by default and prompt the user to turn it on (with a warning for Insider Previewers)
3. Disable the option while setting up if the machine is set up for Insider Preview and leave it on for others, though this might cause others to face a problem when they decide to join Insider Preview.

I am so disappointed and angry right now. I really could have saved so many hours of effort had I just known this. You should have known better and informed your users about this problem.