Webpage performance down 70%


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I've noticed websites are loading insanely slow when adguard is enabled. I'm using vpn and https filtering on a pixel XL running Android 8 (I didn't upgrade to 8.1 Because I heard there are issues in Google phones)

I was using custom dns and i shut that off but it didn't really help. Is the https filtering slowing everything down? If it is why?

Also does having more block lists selected slow anything down because I have things from other countries blocked just to be safe but I'll unblock them if it helps.

Last but not least in advanced settings the MTU setting default is 9000 but normal MTU is like 1000. Is there a reason MTU defaults so high? Wouldn't that slow it down as well?

Oh one more thing lol. This only slows down webpages. It doesn't seem to effect apps in any way. I have 3 phones with licenses that are running slow (all pixels) and if possible id like to speed them up but still stay more secure.

Thanks everyone


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If you have DNS requests blocking enabled pls try disabling that and report.
I shut dns blocking off and it didn't seem to make much difference. It's odd that things only load slow in the browser.

I do have https filtering on but shutting that off is like shutting off a good piece of filtering.

I was wondering if lowering the MTU would help


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Blast from the past. Things have improved since my post but I do have a different phone. That being said I still see some sites seem to just stall but only on mobile.

I have a gigabit connection, a wifi6 router and my phone is also wifi6.

I'll give that reddit thread a look and see if there is anything that helps although I'm hoping when I ditch this note10+ for a pixel 5 that things will improve. Samsung loves their bloat.