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During installation of Adguard Beta, I noticed that Webroot detected the Adguard tools.exe file and wouldn't let Adguard connect to the internet. If anybody is using Adguard Version 5.10.1175.6083 and Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2015- Version please remember to roll-back the file. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this right now :)mad:) as my dismal 2.75 GB RAM cannot withstand my virtual machine- Anyone help?
(btw I have Adguard up and running now...)

Boo Berry

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Yes, this is a known issue. The only thing that can be done is to report to Webroot about the false positive.


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new ticket sent to webroot
False Positive&whitelisting
[E] c:\program files (x86)\adguard\protocolfilters.dll [MD5: 2886A599B40FCA22D66DD5B3D6A8BFB2] [Flags: 00081100.5253] [Threat: W32.Adware.Gen]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x86/nfregdrv.exe [MD5: F678A433E9B925861B3D7EB6B380274C] [Flags: 00081000.5257]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x64/adgnetworkwfp.sys [MD5: 2BE0CCA005F6C30872F1E288685741DA] [Flags: 00091000.5258]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x64/nfapi.dll [MD5: A6EE32CA05B501821A65CEC73460F5B3] [Flags: 00091000.5259]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x86/nfapi.dll [MD5: BF91E03C52D201351CADACD01C2EE0DA] [Flags: 00081000.5260]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x64/nfregdrv.exe [MD5: ACAE0FFD50C4F129AFE4F0BE584BAFC6] [Flags: 00091000.5261]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x64/adgnetworktdi.sys [MD5: 57886CF0C808ED93C4DACE098BD2ECCA] [Flags: 00091000.5262]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x86/adgnetworktdi.sys [MD5: 19E39964726BE015511DF800C566DFF1] [Flags: 00081000.5263]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\drivers.bin/x86/adgnetworkwfp.sys [MD5: D8CDD68C6379CBEAE465BB81DA368025] [Flags: 00081000.5264]
c:\program files (x86)\adguard\nfapi.dll [MD5: C34892D7ABE17F40D2A2A44B9424E519] [Flags: 00081000.5254]

- Unknown file

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have examined the files and determined them as good in our database.

We ask that you run a deep scan on your computer to update your system.

1. Open the Webroot SecureAnywhere program
2. Click on the cog icon next to PC Security.
3. Click the Custom Scan button.
4. Verify that the scan option is "Deep".
5. Click Scan.

Please let us know if you have any more issues.

Thank you,

The Webroot Advanced Malware Removal Team