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I have problem with this site. There is a problem with the site. Only if I disable the whole adguard it suddenly load the website correctly. The first pic is with adguard disabled and the second one is enabled. Any help with this? Thank you. Screenshot_20200625-110405_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20200625-110507_Samsung Internet.jpg


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Hello there!
Looks like one of the filtering rules broke this website.
For first I suggest you disable all third-party filters(leave only marked by a star).
Clear browser cache and check again.
Also, be advisable to switch off the DNS feature.

Any luck?


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Looks like SSL issue to me. I can reproduce on Windows app with every option disabled (adblocker, internet security, dns, stealth, extensions). On Chrome Extension with every filter active I cannot reproduce.

In console also this error a few time:

EDIT: Could be this issue:
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