Weird error message in Chrome


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I get this error before the page load in Chrome and it's never there with Adguard switched off.

The page still loads but it does flash this message first. I've tried deleting all temp files in Chrome, reinstalling Chrome, reinstalling Adguard.

I'm using OnePlus 6 with latest Pie and the latest stable release of Adguard.






Can you check with another browser?

Try this solution, go to AdGuard - Settings - Advanced - Low-level settings - pref.vpn.disable.reconfigure (enable) and clear the google chrome cache.

Boo Berry

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You have to add AdGuard's certificate to Firefox.

AG for Android's Settings > HTTPS Filtering > click on the option between Certificate Status and Settings, which may be Installed into the user certificate store or whatever it says > Install certificate into the Firefox browser and follow the instructions.


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I have also tried turning the DNS feature off in Adguard and the problem persists so it must be something else in Adguard. If I turn the app off completely the problem goes away.


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I have the same problem with Chrome.
I have the Samsung browser installed and there is the same problem.

If Adguard is switched off, it works.
I have the beta channel on and version 2.12.233

Mobile is a Nokia 7 Plus with Android Pie


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