Weird Malaysian IP when using AdGuard DNS


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I have AdGuard Pro for iOS and when I turn on the DNS option and use any app to read my network information, they all report my DNS IP is which shows somewhere in Malaysia. Even when I enter my own custom DNS, the DNS IP stays

I have turned AdGuard completely off for now until I get an explanation why DNS is always showing that IP no matter what DNS option is selected.




This DNS is just a technical idea that helps to forward requests to the DNS server that customer has set up. (For example: If you set up your own DNS or choose any other).


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Thank you for getting back to me. Do you mean this is a virtual internal IP? If so, this should be changed to an internal IP from the reserved internal subnets such as (10.0.0 or 192.0.0) to not confuse people and start doubting the product. Or ever better (and if possible) make it show the actual DNS IP