Weird UI Bug In Opera GX... [EDITED 01-05-23]


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Okay, so this is a bit weird. I've noticed in Opera GX, the UI for the AdGuard browser extension is a little screwed up while in the other browsers that I use, this issue is not present. [See the attached screenshot to see what I mean.] And the real bummer for me is not seeing ANY options in the settings regarding the UI color, so I'm hoping this could maybe come in the future as like a little "nice-to-have" sort of feature. But back to the issue at hand, this seems to be an issue with the extension itself cause I don't know if anything is technically wrong on MY end which would explain anything...

Anyway, not sure if anyone else using Opera or Opera GX has this exact same issue with AdGuard, but if anyone knows anything, or has a fix available, etc, feel free to let me know! And if NOT, then surely someone can submit this bug properly to the AdGuard team rather than having to do it through GitHub...

With that being said, the last thing I have to say is "If anyone here happens to have any questions for me or just need more details, feel free to ask & I'll be sure to fill you in!" So, thanks in advance to anybody here whom can help! :)


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