What causes Adguard to block my internet connection?


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Any update to this? I reported this YEARS ago when I was on Android, but then I switched to an iPhone. I switched back to Android a few months ago and am dismayed this issue still persists. I've tried various solutions proposed in other threads like switching DNS providers, but it hasn't helped. It affects cellular, and just randomly my internet completely stops working for all apps. If I just open adguard, switch it off and back on again the internet starts working again. This happens several times per day.

Has tech support abandoned this?
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I know there have been similar posts over the years but could not find an answer to my question. With the Adguard Android app on, it seems to slow down chrome pages loading, as well as other apps, like imdb. I am also wondering if it is causing embedded youtube videos on websites to play normally for about 3 seconds just before the video becomes a series of horizontal colored lines, but the sound still coming out. Attachments (This link shows 10+ images) show what is enabled on my app as well as a screenshot of the embedded youtube video.

Is this related to previous comments?

Where should I send my system configuration (export settings )?

any ideas?
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I have the same problem with proxy mode but when i turn on another vpn like private internet acces in combination with adguard it works.
Must be some sort of DNS problem
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