What does "Enable VPN Service" feature do on Netgear routers?


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Some routers that do not support "Always-On VPN" still have "Enable VPN Service" feature. What does it do? Netgear gives you specific instructions on how to install OpenVPN on your devices and those instructions also state that Dynamic DNS must be enabled in the router itself. These are the instructions - https://kb.netgear.com/23854/How-do-I-use-the-VPN-service-on-my-Nighthawk-router-with-my-Windows-client .

If the router's "Enable VPN Service" feature is disabled, VPN connections through OpenVPN (with custom VPN-provided DNS) still work. Windows DNS settings overwrite router's and modem's DNS settings. My tests show that ISP DNS and IP addresses do not leak when router's "Enable VPN Service" feature is disabled . What is the point of that router feature then...?