What happens when the beta key runs out?


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HI Guys, can i get my beta licence renewed please, i have also updated my phone to the new S22 ultra so be nice to see how well adguard works on there along with the chromecast.


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Hi, I have a lifetime key and I'd like to have a beta testing key for my wife. I installed the adguard but keeps being disabled no idea why. So I'd like to get her a beta key untill I get 3 more lifetime key. I want my whole family to have this program on their pc and smartphones.

So the beta would be for an s20 plus. I tried the fix for samsung but keeps being disabled no matter what I try. Your fix but doesn't work: "How to protect AdGuard from being disabled by the system". Doesn't work and tutorial outdated.

I have an s21 5g and never had a y issues with.

Thank you

Boo Berry

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Yeah, on some devices it's very difficult to disable the OS' battery optimization feature for the AdGuard app. Especially MIUI devices it's a total pain.


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Hi guys! My 1 year beta key expired last week. I also tried to fill the google form asking for a renewal, but every time I sent it i get this:
Oops! An Error Occurred
The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error".

Wondering if it can be renewed. @Chinaski I've sent you a PM with my email. Thanks!!


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Hi Guys,
I have a beta key that it's expired, I have send a request trough your form to check if it can be renewed around 2 weeks ago and haven't received any feedback from you. Can someone help me, if this can be renewed and to continue using the betas or if it cannot be renew just to let me know, so I can buy a standard license.