What happens when the beta key runs out?


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HI Guys, can i get my beta licence renewed please, i have also updated my phone to the new S22 ultra so be nice to see how well adguard works on there along with the chromecast.


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Hi, I have a lifetime key and I'd like to have a beta testing key for my wife. I installed the adguard but keeps being disabled no idea why. So I'd like to get her a beta key untill I get 3 more lifetime key. I want my whole family to have this program on their pc and smartphones.

So the beta would be for an s20 plus. I tried the fix for samsung but keeps being disabled no matter what I try. Your fix but doesn't work: "How to protect AdGuard from being disabled by the system". Doesn't work and tutorial outdated.

I have an s21 5g and never had a y issues with.

Thank you

Boo Berry

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Yeah, on some devices it's very difficult to disable the OS' battery optimization feature for the AdGuard app. Especially MIUI devices it's a total pain.


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Hi guys! My 1 year beta key expired last week. I also tried to fill the google form asking for a renewal, but every time I sent it i get this:
Oops! An Error Occurred
The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error".

Wondering if it can be renewed. @Chinaski I've sent you a PM with my email. Thanks!!