which features/modules do submit my surfing habits?



as the topic says: Which features/modules 'phone home' and do submit my surfing habits?
I already disabled that WOT-thing ("Inform about website reputation"), what else is sending the URLs or domains I visit off site?

Thank you.


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From Privacy Policy (http://adguard.com/en/privacy.html#windows):

Browsing Security database updates check

Adguard uses Safebrowsing Protocol v2 to check browsing security database updates. It exchanges data with the server using hashed URLs so the server never knows the actual URLs queried by the clients.
Adguard connects to Adguard servers to check our filters updates. We do not store any data received this way.
If you enable Google Safebrowsing filter Adguard connects to Google Safebrowsing servers to check for updates.
Browsing Security community

If you enabled the "Take part in the development of a browsing security option", the program will periodically send anonymous security-related data:

URLs of visited websites that Adguard identifies as potentially untrustworthy.
Information on the nature of identified threats
The information described above, when collected by the Adguard for Windows, is generally not correlated with any other personal information related to you and is used anonymously in aggregation with similar information from other users of the Adguard software for analytical purposes.


1st off: Thank you. Unfortunately you did not understand my intention/questions:

I already said it in another thread: "luckily (only in this matter) I do know AdGuard just a few days, so it cannot be sth about/against them".
A privacy statement is no more than a single statement. It can be full of lies. Neither you nor me will ever be able to sue a liar.


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In this case the only way to be sure is to use Wireshark and see what requests Adguard sends to our servers.


I did so when installing the PROMO version.
LOADS of network traffic (but no +1 in my account...(which is OK so far as I just checked out the PROMO vs. really recommending it. Nevertheless a recommendation wouldn't have counted too :I))