Which services sending Data to AdGuard?

Hello Adguard Team, hello Community,
which Adguard Modules and extensions sending data to Adguard or another service and which working local on the system without sending any data, which modules are working only with internet acces, which working fully offline? A highly detailed answer would be very nice. Iam using Adguard in Full Version Lifetime Paid with 2 Windows PCs, 1 Smartphone and 1 Tablet. Since a few month iam trying to use oly programs without sending any user data to anyone in a Business Setup (except updates ofcourse).

Maybe someone has done a longterm wireshark analysis.

What services extensions do i talking about?
Ad Blocker Module
Stealth Mode Module
Browsing Security Module
Parental Control Module
Adguard Assistant Extension
Adguard Popup Blocker Extension
Web of Trust Extension


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Everything is covered by AG privacy policy, I'll quote it below.

Ad Blocker Module
Requires periodical filters updates.

Adguard connects to its servers to check ad blocker filters updates. When it happens, the following information is sent:
  1. Ad blocker filters identifiers.
  2. Application identifier.
  3. Current ad blocker filters versions.
Browsing Security Module
Browsing Security database updates check

Adguard uses Safebrowsing Protocol v2 to check browsing security database updates. It exchanges data with the server using hashed URLs so the server never knows the actual URLs queried by the clients.
Adguard connects to Adguard servers to check our filters updates. We do not store any data received this way.

Parental Control Module
Oh, it seems that privacy policy lacks the information about parental control. I've filed a report about it:

So, parental control checks websites against a web service. The only thing which is being sent to it is the domain name.

Web of Trust Extension
Web of Trust extension checks domains against the web service. Again, the only thing which is being sent is the domain name.