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Heyo! I'm currently having some issues with the DNS protection interfering with the iOS Mail app. If the DNS protection is turned on (critical to blocking ads in various news apps), then every email I open is met with "Unable to load remote content privately" and pictures won't load until I hit "Load anyway". The issues are gone when I turn off AdGuard DNS protection. Is there a way to block AdGuard functionality entirely within an app? If not, does anyone know the domains I could whitelist to achieve the same result?

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There looks to be something strange on iOS 15, we're currently investigating the issue. If you have already updated your device to the latest version, please also feel free to follow the issue on GitHub:

Or are you using iOS 14? Please let us know if there're some additional details skipped in the initial message.


Same here, however problem seems to only affect iPhone X as my iPad 9.7 pro is fine. Both devices are using the same settings.


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Any update on this? I hate having to manually load *every* html email I get. This affects any modern iPhone.