Why does Adguard activate Ivacy?

Pacific Coast

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I'm using the latest Adguard version The problem is that unless Ivacy is running, Adguard will not block ad's.

How do I get Adguards VPN to work instead of Ivacy?

Thank you!

Pacific Coast

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Can anyone from Adguard please help?

Every time I boot up my Mac Pro, I have to reinstall Adguard.

First - the "Adguard is not functioning" pops up
Second - the "You need to restart adguard" pops up
Third - Move to the Application folder pops up
Fourth - I click on "Let's do it", proceed to every page until I'm done.
Fifth - I have to "Install Update"

I have to do this immediately after I boot up. Is there a serious bug with Adguard?