Why does AdGuard use so much ram???


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I have adguard installed on 2 windows 8.1 computers.
My question is why does it use so much ram ??

It uses about 200mb on both off my computers.

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Boo Berry

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Yes, it may be considered high for those with older hardware (e.g. less than 4GB of RAM). Adguard (and it's service process) are probably using higher memory due to all the filtering it has to do for each web page/tab opened in your browser(s) of choice.

With that said, my Adguard.exe is using around 40MB, depending on how many tabs I have open. AdguardSvc.exe uses about 110MB with multiple browsers and tabs open. So all-in-all that's about 150MB usage while using Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Nightly with multiple tabs open in each. Personally, I'm not too concerned about that as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer easily exceed that amount of RAM with the number of tabs I'm usually running in each browser. That, and I have 16GB of memory. ;)


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Checked my system again and now it uses about 240mb. If i compare with Admuncher i used before, Admuncher only consumed about 10mb.
Maybee some kind off memoryleak in the program ?

The program runs good at my system but i think somebody must take a look at the memory usage.
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