Why does Avast Mobile Security read the Adguard for Android package as "suspicious"?


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I'm trying to install Adguard for Android on two Samsung Galaxy A51 devices running on Android 10 for a 7-day free trial period (depending on how this trial goes, I'll buy a family licence and install on other devices, including four Windows computers). In order to do so, on both devices, I went to https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html, clicked on "download" and downloaded a file called "adguard.apk". I then clicked said file and chose the option "Open with Avast Mobile Security" — I always do that because Avast scans the apk before installing, and because I also trust Avast's app installer module more than the native OS installer (Avast is the only app with the permission to install programmes on my devices other than Google Play itself). On one device (dark mode on), the installation proceeded normally and was successful. On the other device (dark mode off), however, Avast refused to install claiming "Suspicious app activity!" and recommended the exclusion of the apk file. A brief Google search revealed this result, which seems to confirm com.adguard.android is indeed a malicious package, although this might refer to a fake app with the same package name or be a false positive.

What do I do? Is Adguard safe to install? Is the website I downloaded it from fake or compromised? Why does Avast Mobile Security read this package as suspicious on one device, but not on the other?


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Es un caso muy peculiar, sin duda alguna, pero: ¿has probado también a hacerle esas dos mismas preguntas a los propios Avast Mobile Security?

La primera es ésa con la que encabezas tu hilo conversacional. Y la segunda es ésa otra con la que cierras dicho hilo.

Por favor, transmítenos así mismo la respuesta que te den al respecto.

It is a very peculiar case, without a doubt, but: ¿have you also tried asking those same two questions to Avast Mobile Security themselves?

The first is the one with which you head your conversational thread. And the second is that one with which you close the thread.

Please, send us the answer they give you in this regard.


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UPDATE: I sent the `adguard.apk` file over from the "dark mode on" device to the "dark mode off" device and Avast Mobile Security installed it without issues or complaints; scanning the device several times over afterwards did not reveal any sign of suspicious app activity.