[Win 10 x64] AdGuard 6.3.1276.3827 breaks messages.android.com

With AdGuard 6.3.1276.3827 I'm unable to use the new Android Messages Web service at:


If AdGuard is fully disabled and Chrome is restarted, everything works as expected.

Re-enabling AdGuard breaks the service again.

Adding messages.android.com to the HTTPS exclusion list and enabling EV certificate exclusion does not fix the issue.

This appears to be similar to the issue at https://play.google.com/music/listen where music uploads are equally broken while AdGuard is running. I never found a workaround for that bug either, but was too lazy to report it since it didn't bug me enough.

This one does.

Any ideas?


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I experienced a similar problem with allo.google.com/web, and the solution was to add instantmessaging-pa.googleapis.com to the https exclusions list. See if that works for you.



Hello, try to add those sites to the exception list.

Cannot reproduce it from my side, it's opening perfectly.

What filters/rules are you using?


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Adding instantmessaging-pa.googleapis.com to the https exclusions list worked and fixed the problem. Thanks awef.

Boo Berry

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What filter lists do you have enabled? Does it work if you disable/uncheck all filters (but don't disable filtering)?

Also are you using any Stealth Mode options? If so, what? Also if you are, does disabling Stealth Mode?

Hopefully that helps to narrow it down.
I'm not using any stealth features and it's filter independent.

"Disabling protection" in AdGuard does not fix the G. P. Music upload issue.
Heck, even fully closing AdGuard and its service doesn't resolve the issue until the browser is restarted afterwards.

I'm pretty sure this is https-filtering related, much like the Android Messages issue. I'm not sure if it is as easily resolved.