[Win7 x64] Update does not download setup file


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Yesterday I had problem with updating Adguard. I had Adguard for Windows 5.10.2020.6300. When clicked on update button the app detected there is new version (5.10.2021.6301) available. After clicking update the update should be downloaded. The problem is that nothing has been downloaded - downloading progress bar did not have even single green line. Anyway UAC prompt has been displayed and asked if I want to allow change made by C:\ProgramData\Update2343200959509\5.10.2021.6301\setup.msi. Right after allowing changes Windows show up an error like this:
Error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item
or some other similar letting to know that file does not exist. I know it's important to know exact error and I'll make a screenshoot next time it happen.
I thought it's some kind of timeout or other problem with my mobile internet connection but I also had the same problem couple times earlier with other Adguard versions and when connected to home network.
I' pretty sure such error will happen again however it's random and I don't know any way to reproduce this on demand.
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We'll change a lot in update algorithm. We know of such random errors, it may happen if for some reason the connection to our server was dropped while downloading setup package.