[Windows 7 x64], [Version 6.2.437.2171], adgnetworktdidrv.sys, BSOD.


Beta Tester

Thank you for the taking the time to rule out AdGuard as the cause, unfortunately your link might not help because I'm running Win 7 and the link is for Win 10, that said, I'll try the Win10 suggestions first because they're pretty straight forward before i try to get into possible Win 7 causes... knowing 'ntoskrnl.wrong.symbols.exe' might be the cause will likely be a great help.
If i ever find a resolution i'll post an fyi here just in case anyone else should run across the same issue.
[As an aside is "ntoskrnl.wrong.symbols.exe" an actual file or some sort of odd error message because I've searched for it on my pc and can't find it anywhere?]

Can you try it on other internet browsers? Like Chrome, Firefox, Opera?
I have Firefox installed and have had for many years, i don't use it very often but I've never had a BSOD when using it.
Firefox within the Filtered Apps option in AdGuard is enabled and has been for as long as i can remember.

Anyways, now that AdGuard is likely ruled out as the cause i guess the ball is back in my court again, thanks for your help :)