Windows 8.1 Compatibility

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Does the development team plan to test Adguard on Windows 8.1 when it's officially released this week? If so, make sure you install the day 1 updates (aka the GA Rollup A updates) as it more-or-less makes Windows 8.1 complete. MS kept working on Windows 8.1 after reaching RTM, tweaking and fixing issues and these day 1 GA patches reflect that work.

Some things to note:

- There seems to be drastic changes in program compatibility between 8.1 RTM and 8.1 with the GA updates applied. I've noticed some programs marked 8.1 compatible completely fail or has issues after applying those three updates like the latest Kaspersky crashes on start (works on the RTM without patches) and some of Stardock's programs has issues too.
- Adguard *may* clash with installed anti-virus/firewall/HIPS on Windows 8.1 RTM with/without the GA patches and needs tested. Windows Defender/Firewall, ESET NOD32/Smart Security 6 and 7, Kaspersky AV/IS 2014, Bitdefender AV/IS 2014 and others like Avast/AVG needs tested and double checked with both the WFP and TDI drivers for issues and conflicts (I believe ESET and Kaspersky has known issues with the WFP driver).
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We did not yet test Adguard with Windows 8.1.

We are going to release Adguard 5.8 soon so it will be tested with Windows 8.1 and the popular antiviruses.