[Windows app] Twitch Ads


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Hello everyone, i want to report some weird behavior , i am using twitch a lot, never see an ad since using adguard for months now, but since a few days twitch starts to show me ads randomly , anyone knows if something has changed on twitch to avoid adblokers?.


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I have the same problem, too. Please kindly see the information as follows:

1. Website: https://www.twitch.tv/

2. The adverts now pop in suddenly in the middle of the streaming with a message on the top left corner saying something like "This Ad supports XXX(the account name of the streamer)" as the below screeshot shows:

3. I am using ADGUARD 6.4 for Windows with Adguard Assistant, Popup Blocker and Web of Trust extensions.

4. I am using Firefox version 65.0.2 (64bit) as my default browser.

Note: I noticed this problem around two days ago and before that, AdGuard used to block the adverts.

Thank you very much for your service in anticipation and hope this can be sorted soon : ).

If there is any further information needed, please kindly let me know.