[WiP] Steam Client +


Beta Tester
I was tired of all the cool userscripts for Steam that don't work in AdGuard for various reasons, so i started working on my own.

Features (Still work in progress):
  • If the join game button would not work at all it will get removed (steam://).
  • Shows the server/match ip/id below the join game button.
  • Adds a "Add Friend" and "Message" button to profiles (These buttons also work if you are not logged into that browser but in your steam client).
  • Auto Expands the user description.
  • Shows Steam-ID's of the player.
  • Shows TruckersMP ID of the player if he has a account on TruckersMP.com
  • Shows several bans of the player.

Download: https://cdn.rawgit.com/Bluscream/SteamClient-/master/SteamClientPlus.user.js


Staff member
Yep, is it good with beta? We've made some serious changes to the whole userscripts module.


Beta Tester
This script also breaks the community, and the trades

i cant select anything when i trade with this addon active.
and community (guides etc) doesnt load at all


New Member
Hi, fan of your script. Yeah actually there is some stuff that actually ain't doin right, while I disable it everything works ( or I have to cheq disable for 30 sec ).
Here's my issues: Screenshots included.
Basically I guess its related to whatever is related to http://steamcommunity.com/
Whas thinkin probably is you make a whitelist filter would probably help the script.

Anyways like your script, would be nice to have more features like steamenhanced but I know u know that I know what I'm talking about, Hehehe ;)

Anyways if you want to try some change on a Guinea pig I'm here.