[WiP] Steam Client +


Beta Tester
I was tired of all the cool userscripts for Steam that don't work in AdGuard for various reasons, so i started working on my own.

Features (Still work in progress):
  • If the join game button would not work at all it will get removed (steam://).
  • Shows the server/match ip/id below the join game button.
  • Adds a "Add Friend" and "Message" button to profiles (These buttons also work if you are not logged into that browser but in your steam client).
  • Auto Expands the user description.
  • Shows Steam-ID's of the player.
  • Shows TruckersMP ID of the player if he has a account on TruckersMP.com
  • Shows several bans of the player.

Download: https://cdn.rawgit.com/Bluscream/SteamClient-/master/SteamClientPlus.user.js


Staff member
Yep, is it good with beta? We've made some serious changes to the whole userscripts module.


Beta Tester
This script also breaks the community, and the trades

i cant select anything when i trade with this addon active.
and community (guides etc) doesnt load at all