[Workedaround] Loading HTTPS sites via K-Meleon 74 Beta 3

Boo Berry

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You'll probably need to manually import Adguard's certificate (or reboot your PC so Adguard can add it, whichever). I'll download the browser and see if how easy it is to do. :)

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Okay, figured it out AND it'll solve your Twitch issue too - I was able to confirm videos wouldn't load but once I imported the certificate manually, videos work fine.

1) Enable the Main Bar in K-Meleon by going to the gear icon > View > Toolbars > Main Bar (make sure it's checked).

2) In Windows, make sure you have it set to show hidden files (if you don't already). If you don't know how, then Google how to on your version of Windows.

3) In K-Meleon, go to Tools > Privacy > View Data > View Certificates.

4) With the dialog open to the Authorities tab, click the Import... button and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Adguard\NetworkTemp\SSL (change drive letter if needed) and click on the Adguard CA file and click the Load button.

5) Restart the browser and try again - HTTPS and Twitch *should* be working correctly now. :)
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