Would like to block Google 'Search Suggest drop-down list'


Greetings, I hope all is well with everyone.

So, on my Windows 10 laptop I am able to block Google's 'Seach Suggest drop-down list' with the following rule: google.com##.aajZCb
However, on my Fire HD 10 the rule doesn't function. The browser being used is 'Pure Browser Pro' if that matters any.
Do I need a rule that is proprietary to Android in order to block Google's Search Suggest drop-down list?
Is there a setting I need to activate to get the rule to work?

Thank you very much.


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This is because mobile devices support DNS level filter blocking only, they do not support cosmetic filters like the ones that windows can support.


Shubam16, thank you very much for providing that information.:)

Do you think that mobile filtering standards of the future will be able to support cosmetic filters?


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Please check if HTTPS filter is enabled for that browser in the options.


Blaz - ah, that's probably why the rule isn't working. I have HTTPS filtering disabled in Adguard. I have it disabled because I do not want a lock screen pin or password. Will a time come when HTTPS can be enabled in Android without setting a lock screen pin/password?

As always, thank you for your assistance.