Wow ty AdGuard team!


Just upgraded my year license for 3 phones to a lifetime license thanks to the sale.

It's a steal at 30% off and having used the app for quite a while now I highly suggest anyone who hasn't already done so to go ahead and take advantage of this sale.

In about 6 months adguard has saved me 5.82 gigs of data and blocked 340k ads. Also using custom filters combined with dns crypt I've managed to block Facebook from my life.

So to end I want to thank everyone from the coders, sales team, moderators and support crew...and any other team I've missed at the company.

I know I sound like a massive shill here but you have earned a loyal customer because you have made an excellent product with excellent support.

So one more time. Thank you all.


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You are welcome! It's always heartwarming to read feedback like this.

Although I think I have to move your thread to a different subforum :) It is notreally product-specific to justify being in 'AdGuard for Android" category.


I only posted it in the Android forum because it's the version I use. I have a beta license for the Windows version but I haven't had a chance to actually play with it yet so essentially 99% of my adguard experience is Android based.

So when I was thank the coders I was talking about the ones who worked on the Android app. Of course I'm not discounting the work of any other coding teams, it's just the Android or mobile team I've had the pleasure of benefiting from their work.


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That's awesome to hear! I've heard of AdGuard since 2011, but never used it until 2016. I feel stupid because its worked better than any other adblocker I've ever used!