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Avira recently (?) adds adguard and since, all the images on wix websites (included mine and wix itself) are blocked. They seems to be received as ads but they aren't. When I turn off the button "block on this website" (in french : "bloquer sur ce site internet"), it works again.
I have already contact Avira and Wix for this.

Here are 2 simple sreenshots of when the blockage is on and when it's off (with the number of "ads" blocked on the right corner).

Thank you.

wix adguaroff.JPG wix adguardon.JPG
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Thank you for your response.
I indirectly use Adguard because the adblocker with Avira (my antivirus) is Adguard (Avira recently adds Adguard to its services).
I join a screenshot where we see that Adguard is active on my browser (Chrome) in yellow. On Chrome the issue on the images is still here.

blocage adguard.JPG