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I already sent email to Adguard support and i will give you the content of that email. but i want to add that the first problem happening also on the 6.3 official latest release.

For that kind of problem i think there wasn't any option on the report tool to report it so that why i emailed it to your support.

That's the content:

Two critical problems with version 6.4.1544.4363:

I'm using Windows and Eset internet security. & chrome as browser

1. When i'm visiting that site:
the page crashing. sometimes my Windows too (and i need to restart my PC), and sometimes it's restarting my Eset internet security (and always i'm getting from chrome a page from the settings that says that Eset antivirus internet security is not compatible with Chrome and i need to uninstall it, what is clear is not supposed to happen).
so i exit Adguard with his service and it didn't crashed, meaning that there's some sort of conflict between eset products and adguard. (that problem start for me today)
see that video:
2. After i exit adguard from his menu In the system tray, i tried to open adguard but it's just hang on the opening process and didn't able to start. (so i restart my PC and only then is succeed to start)
see that video:
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it's making a mass in my PC. chrome crashing nonstop. Eset is restricting me from entring some sites even on other browsers.
when i'm exiting the adguard with his service all the problems are gone.
so somethings here is really not good (and i'm using now the 6.3 official release)
for now i'm using adblock ext until those problems will be solved.


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6.3 has been officially released to the stable channel, as of a month and a half ago. We're already in the 6.4 beta cycle as we speak. :)


Honestly, this sounds kinda like an issue with ESET Internet Security. It's been known not to play nice with AG for Windows in the past.
about the restrications to enter sites, i just confirmd now that even after adguard was shutdown when the ssl/tls filter is on, the internet security is starting to make that problem. so that problem only, is not related to a conflict betwen adguard and eset.
but the other problem can be from an update the Eset just released. or something like that on your side.
and those problems are on the new 6.4 version (i just installed adgaurd again with 6.3 that is more stable, because of those problems i mentioned on the first post. but it didn't fixed the first problem)


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@ori try to add AG procces: https://uploads.adguard.com/Windows_10_2018-08-31_17-57-21.png in Setup - Network protection - Firewall - configure - Application modification detection - edit. Meanwhile I'll show logs to developers.
added already.
but i figure it out why all those problems began to happen to me.

I infromed eset about all those problems.
and someone there said that google chrome new politics says that now not all antivirus solutions will be compatible with Chrome https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/google/google-chrome-showing-alerts-about-incompatible-applications/
so it means that there's a problem with eset antivirus products on chrome, and it can be also with adguard. i don't know exactly.
this is something that need to be checked
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