XDA Labs App Still Not Working w/Nightlys

R Jesse McLaren

New Member
2.12.60n still preventing the XDA labs app from working even though the log doesn't show anything being blocked.
Using a non rooted ANS UL40 w/Nougat 7.1.1 & ARMv7, no firewall.

R Jesse McLaren

New Member
Be happy to post a log if needed, but basically this:
when attempting to log into xda app, with AG active the app will always return a false "wrong username/password" - I have to force stop the xda app, then go back to it (& usually find that the app logged me in despite freezing with the false warning).
AG is also seriously impeding the app's normal refresh cycle when trying to read threads, forcing me to do it manually.
Note that the xda app works normally w/AG off. So these are minor irritations, but I thought that they deserved to be reported. If anyone wants/needs any system or AG logging, just let me know.


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@R Jesse McLaren

Can you try to switch off HTTPS filtering from AdGuard for XDA labs?

AdGuard - Apps Management - HTTPS Filtering - off.

R Jesse McLaren

New Member
Didn't help. Could be something to do with the phone itself? It's a cheap Chinese ANS UL40 with 7.1.1 Nougat, unrooted, arm v7 (I'd give my right arm to root this thing, but haven't found a way yet).
In any case I did notice other folks reporting same problem on the AG XDA thread, so ...